School of Business

Dean of the School, Dr Jane Tapsell, says

“The world of business in constantly changing. It has become more global, more entrepreneurial and more concerned with the environment. The Business School at Buckingham is small and flexible enough to keep pace with such change.”


School of Humanities

Dean of the School, Professor John Drew, says

“Our student to staff ratio (10.4:1) puts Humanities in the top 5 faculties in the country. Nationally- and internationally-recognised academics and dedicated teachers work with students within a personalised tutorial teaching system that sets the highest academic standards.”


School of Law

Dean of the School, Professor Susan Edwards, says

“Our small group tutorials allow your teachers to know you personally and offer you  maximum academic support. That and the rigorous nature of our two year undergraduate LLBs have helped the School to achieve its remarkable employability record.”


School of Science

Dean of Science, Dr Alan Martin, says

“You will interact with nationally and internationally acclaimed academics and dedicated teachers within our tutorial teaching system, and we hope that you will continue with us for a research degree. Whatever course you take, we are committed to ensuring that you achieve your full potential, and leave us prepared for employment in today’s rapidly changing world.”


School of Medicine

Dean of Medicine, Professor Karol Sikora, says

“Medicine today poses considerable challenges. Aging populations, innovative technology and a far more consumerist approach to healthcare in all societies is changing the educational requirements for doctors globally. We are creating novel courses to meet the demands of the new age giving our students the ability to be more effective throughout their careers.”


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